Steve Jobs’ Handwritten Apple-1 Ad Which He Called a ‘Real Deal’ Up for Auction

Apple-1 Ad

An ad for Apple-1, the first ever computer from Apple, is all set to be auctioned by Bonhams. What’s special about the ad is that it was written by the late Steve Jobs. 

In the handwritten ad, Jobs highlights that the Apple-1 comes with 8K bytes(!) of RAM, full CRT terminal, 58 ICs “which includes 16 for 8K RAM!!” And if you are mistaken, the ad is only for the circuit board of the machine and a manual which costs $75 and as per Steve Jobs, that’s “a real deal.”

Apple Computer Ad 2

The ad was written by Steve Jobs in 1976 — that’s 42 years ago! Back then, Apple-1 was among the first computers to come with an integrated CRT screen. A retail chain called Byte Shop had placed orders for 50 Apple-1 computers which they sold for $666.66. Steve Jobs and co-founder Steve Wozniak made 150 more units of Apple-1 from their hands which they sold to their friends, families, and other vendors.

The ad is expected to be auctioned for anywhere between US40,000-$60,000.

The auction will take place on December 5, with Bonhams also auctioning a working Apple-1 unit which was gifted to the existing owner directly by Steve Jobs. Given that the team of Jobs and Wozniak only manufactured around 200 Apple-1 units in 1976, the unit being auctioned is definitely a rare piece especially since only eight are known to be still in a working state.

If you are interested in the auction, you can find more information about it over here.