Steve Jobs Signed ‘Macworld #1’ Magazine Going up for Auction

First issue of Macworld signed by Steve Jobs

Holding onto piece of memorabilia can be a lucrative effort, especially for those who aren’t afraid to spend some money to capture noteworthy moments in history.

The RR Auction is planning on launching a new auction for another piece of history related to Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple. This time around it’s a signed copy of the first issue of Macworld, the legendary publication of yesteryear. This was the first issue of the magazine, which debuted in February of 1984. There are 144 pages inside, but perhaps the most important is the cover, which not only has a picture of Jobs along with three Macintosh computers.

Jobs actually signed the first issue of the magazine several years after its debut. According to the listing, it was signed on May 19, 2006, at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York City. Jobs signed the cover along with a “to Matt” callout.

“Original issue of Macworld #1 from February 1984, 144 pages, 9 x 10.75, signed and inscribed on the front cover in black ink, “to Matt, steven jobs.” The classic cover depicts Jobs as Apple Computer’s chairman of the board, posing with a trio of Macintosh computers. In fine condition, with light handling and edge wear.”

The first issue of Macworld is a must-have for some buyers all by itself. However, add the signature by the co-founder of Apple and the scarcity of the product skyrockets. Jobs was notoriously hesitant about doling out his signature. With all of that in mind, RR Auction is expecting the magazine to fetch around $10,000 when it goes up for auction between Thursday, December 6, and Thursday, December 13.

There is also a picture of Jobs signing the copy of the magazine as well (pictured just above), confirming its authenticity.

In other auction-related news, we recently reported that the Steve Jobs handwritten Apple-I ad was going up for auction this month. The ad was originally written in 1976, and that note was expected to go for between $40,000 and $60,000 at auction.

What do you think? You going to bid on a Steve Jobs signed copy of the premiere issue of Macworld?

[via RR Auction]