Twitter is Bringing Back the Reverse-Chronological Feed for iOS Users Today

Twitter has been tweaking the feed for quite some time, what has usually resulted in less-than-stellar reactions from users.

But it looks like one change, which is rolling out today for iOS users, might be a move in the right direction. Twitter has confirmed that it is relaunching the reverse-chronological feed beginning today for iOS users, and that the same feature will be available on other platforms at some point in the near future. There will now be a prominent toggle switch at the time of the feed that iOS users can hit to switch between the ranked feed, which Twitter introduced three years ago, to the reverse-chronological feed.

Twitter calls the toggle between these “the sparkle”. So, activate “the sparkle” and you’ll be able to switch the feed based on how you prefer to see it. And the more you use the iOS app to see your feed the more the app will learn what you like, and automatically default to that feed. So if you use it enough you might not have to use “the sparkle” to switch at some point.

“Keith Coleman, vice president of product at Twitter, told The Verge that in tests, users who had access to the easy toggle participated in more conversations than average. I’ve been one of those users, and the toggle has been a welcome change. The flagship Twitter app’s strange aversion to real-time tweets — the lifeblood of the service since forever — is the main reason I continue to use Tweetbot on every platform, despite how it gets worse every year due to API restrictions.”

If you use the iOS app to read your Twitter feed, you should see the toggle option rollout today.

[via The Verge]