Amazon is Field Testing a Delivery Robot Called Amazon Scout in Washington State

Delivery robots are all the rage these days, apparently. And while most are finding a home on university campuses in the United States, Amazon has bigger ambitions.

Amazon on Wednesday officially announced that it is field testing a new delivery robot in Washington state. Specifically, for customers ordering items from Amazon in Snohomish County. It works like one might expect: All an Amazon customer in Snohomish County has to do is order from Amazon like they normally would and their package will either be delivered by a standard courier or by the new Amazon Scout delivery robot.

That includes all of the standard delivery options, from the free ones to the faster options, including one- and two-day delivery for Prime customers.

“We’re starting with six Amazon Scout devices, delivering packages Monday through Friday, during daylight hours. The devices will autonomously follow their delivery route but will initially be accompanied by an Amazon employee. We developed Amazon Scout at our research and development lab in Seattle, ensuring the devices can safely and efficiently navigate around pets, pedestrians and anything else in their path.”

Amazon is starting out in Snohomish County in the state of Washington, but the company obviously has plans to expand beyond that region at some point in the future. However, just when that might happens remain to be seen.

[via Amazon]