Analysts Believe Apple May Tap Qualcomm for 5G Modems in 2020 iPhones After All

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Apple is going to have to jump on the 5G bandwagon at some point, and all signs point to a 5G iPhone launch in 2020.

Intel has already unveiled its 5G modem, which is supposed to launch in 2020 and would be a perfect partner for Apple’s iPhones that year. And expectations have been high that Intel would indeed be tapped to be the sole supplier for those modems for iPhones launched next year. But at least one analyst firm out there believes Apple may still tap Qualcomm to help with that.

But Apple doesn’t rely on one sole supplier for major parts unless it absolutely has to, and it appears the company may be unhappy with Intel’s progress on its 5G modems. At least, that’s based on some earlier rumors. And now Barclays has come out with another analyst note suggesting that they “still believe there is a good chance Apple will have to use Qualcomm for the 5G modem in their 2020 phones”.

It’s an interesting prediction, because there was the report earlier this month that indicated Apple has considered a variety of different companies to help with 5G modems. That particular report, though, suggested Apple had spoken with Samsung, MediaTek, and Intel for 2019 iPhones equipped with 5G. But now Apple’s reportedly waiting for 2020, and this report indicates Qualcomm may be somehow included in the mix, too.

If Apple and Qualcomm are in talks for something like that, it would be an interesting revelation considering the two companies are in a very heated legal battle involving an array of patents and reported jacked up royalty fees. Indeed, Qualcomm has gone as far as to get iPhones banned in Germany, and Apple had to release a software update to change the animation for force closing apps in China.

So if Qualcomm is indeed a mark for Apple and the required 5G modems for 2020, one would imagine a decision in the legal battles has to be forthcoming.

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