Apple’s Upcoming Magazine Subscription App Shown Off in New iOS 12.2 Images

In March of last year, Apple acquired Texture, which offered an easy way to subscribe to magazines.

It did not take long to find out what Apple was planning to do with that acquisition. A report in December of last year revealed that Apple was working on a magazine subscription option of its own. When it launches, it will reportedly be tied to Apple News. Now, 9to5Mac has our first look at what that app might look like. The images were discovered within iOS 12.2, which had its first developer beta seeded this week.

The report has a header image that shows the new app, what will serve as a landing page. It will be called “Apple News Magazines”, unless Apple changes it ahead of launch. The service, like Apple Music, will be tied to an individual’s iTunes Store account. Interestingly, options for “bundles” appears frequently. That could light up with previous rumors that Apple is planning on launching bundle options, If true, it would include Apple News Magazines, TV, movies, and Apple Music.

Unfortunately, there is no embedded information regarding a launch plan. However, it is possible Apple is planning for some kind of announcement in March. That may be when iOS 12.2 launches to the public as well. Apple could introduce Apple News Magazines, as well as its upcoming streaming platform, at the same time.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has said that new services are on the way. Its streaming platform, and subscription service to magazines, would fit that bill. The company is relying on services more than ever before, and these two new additions could be welcomed by Apple users. Will it be enough to boost sales even more? Only time will tell on that one.

[via 9to5Mac]