Apple Music Reaches 50 Million Paid Subscribers Milestone

Verizon's Apple Music logo

Apple Music’s primary competitor is Spotify, and it consistently adds subscribers to help catch up to the reigning champion.

Following Apple’s latest quarterly earnings report, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, announced that Apple Music now has 50 million paid subscribers. If that number sounds familiar it’s because this was actually the same number used back in May of last year. However, at that time, Apple Music had 50 million customers across paid and trial accounts. Now, as of December of 2018, Apple Music has 50 million paid subscribers. That means, across both categories, that number is higher.

That massive number helped Apple’s Services category reach an all-time high (along with Wearables and Accessories for that matter). Cook said that Services earned a record high of $10.9 billion, setting its own record. And for those keeping track, Spotify reported in December of last year that it has 87 million paid subscribers.

Apple Music is catching up, but Spotify certainly retains a healthy lead.

It would be interesting to hear how well Verizon’s partnership with Apple helped boost numbers from trial customers to paid subscribers. Verizon recently announced that customers on specific unlimited plans can now bundle an Apple Music subscription at no additional cost, which is a nice bonus for customers of both services. Unfortunately, that promotion doesn’t cover grandfathered unlimited plan customers.

This writer can confirm that he has officially switched over full-time to Apple Music, after plenty of struggling between Spotify and Apple’s streaming option. The change was hard, and it’s still not perfect, but it’s been okay so far. Have you given up on Spotify and switched to Apple Music?