Apple News Now Available in Canada Thanks to iOS 12.2, macOS 10.14.4

Apple News app in macOS Mojave

Earlier today, Apple seeded a variety of different betas, including iOS 12.2, to registered developers.

And now that the software is available, new details are coming along with it. First and foremost, Apple News is now available in Canada. The developer beta of iOS 12.2 and macOS 10.14.4 brought the news-gathering platform to Canada this morning. Apple News is also region friendly, with Apple confirming that it is bilingual. Which means Canadian users can read Apple News in either English or French.

It’s available on supported iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

It’s worth noting here that Apple does say there will be more publications coming to the fold at some point in the future. Those that are currently available in the early beta are not indicative of the whole experience. On top of that, the Top News and regular Digests will not be updated as often in the beta. That will change once the Apple News platform officially launched to the Canadian public at some point in the future.

Apple News is available in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. It is expanding to Canada whenever iOS 12.2 is out of beta. There is no word on any other expansion of the app to othe countries yet.

If you have access to Apple News, how often do you find yourself using it? This writer has the widget and checks it frequently enough, but I’ve only ever dug into a story in Apple News a handful of times since its launch in 2015. What about you?

[via MacRumors]