Apple May Support RCS for Improved Text Messaging Outside of iMessage

Standard text messages aren’t great, but thankfully there’s technology out there that has improved the experience for the companies who actually support it.

That technology is called Rich Communications Services or RCS. This is a significant upgrade to the standard text message, or SMS, and it has been in place for quite some time already. However, it’s still not a universal presence just yet. Google is rolling out plans to support it in a bigger way in the future, and the carriers out there, like Verizon and AT&T, have been pushing for support from smartphone manufacturers for awhile now.

However, Apple hasn’t been one of the companies to adopt RCS. Why? iMessage. Basically, all of the cool stuff that RCS supports iMessage supports, so Apple hasn’t felt all that compelled to support it. iMessage is a huge boon for Apple and its ecosystem, basically as one of the reasons to jump on board.

Carriers have been trying to get Apple to support RCS, just like all the other companies out there that have yet to fully jump on board, and it sounds like Apple may actually be leaning in a direction where it actually supports the technology. Over on Reddit, a slide from a recent GSMA event has surfaced, saying Apple has been “engaged in discussions with the GSMA and Operators about including RCS in iOS”.

There isn’t much to go on here, other than the brief bit on the slide. However, the GSMA does note that support for RCS by Apple would improve the Apple-to-non-Apple text message experience across the board, which is very true. The question, of course, is whether or not Apple actually has any desire to do that.

Not because Apple doesn’t want to provide a great experience, but there is iMessage to think about. This is still an important feature for Apple, one of the reasons a lot of people stick with their Apple-branded devices. While RCS adoption might not break that entirely, it certainly makes the case a bit weaker. Or does it?

Would you be on board with Apple adopting support for RCS?

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