Apple Shipped 65.9 Million iPhones in Q4 2018, Down from 77.3 Million YoY

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With Apple no longer providing the number of iPhone units it shipped every quarter, it is now up to analytics firms like Strategy Analytics to provide us with an estimate. For Q4 2018, the firm estimates that Apple shipped 65.9 million iPhone units worldwide, down from 77.3 million a year ago. This represents a 15 percent YoY decline.

The firm notes that the reason behind the sharp decline can be attributed to multiple factors including high retail pricing, intense competition from Chinese OEMs like Huawei, the extended discounted battery replacement program, slowing demand, and more.

Apple primarily saw iPhone sales decline in Asian markets like China and Japan, with the latter being affected by the reduction in carrier subsidy.

Earlier today, Apple announced its Q4 2018 results where it reported total revenues of $84.3 billion. It noted that revenues from iPhone declined by 15 percent YoY, though it grew by 19 percent from its Services and Wearables department for an all-time high.

Going forward, while Apple will not be revealing the number of iPhone units shipped every year, it will be revealing the number of active iPhone around the world. At its Q4, 2018 earnings calls, Cook revealed there were 900 million active iPhones out there, with a total of 10.4 billion iOS devices across the globe which includes the iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and iPod Touch.

[Via Strategy Analytics]