Apple Temporarily Disables Group FaceTime

macOS Mojave Group FaceTime

In a bid to protect the privacy of its users due to a major FaceTime bug, Apple has disabled Group FaceTime for its users. The company’s System Status page is also reflecting an “issue” with Group FaceTime and says that it is temporarily unavailable.

A serious Group FaceTime bug allows an incoming caller to hear the other party’s audio even if they don’t pick up the call. Worse, if the incoming caller presses the power button while the FaceTime call is still ringing, he or she will get access to the other party’s video feed.

FaceTime Status

Apple first announced Group FaceTime as a part of iOS 12 and macOS Mojave. It finally released the feature to the public on October 30. It is unclear as of now as to how long this bug has existed.

Apple will be rolling out a software update to fix the serious FaceTime bug “later this week.” Until then, Apple is ensuring that this FaceTime bug does not pose serious security and privacy threat by disabling Group FaceTime for all. One can still make regular one-on-one FaceTime calls for now. For additional safety and privacy, you can always turn off FaceTime completely on your iPhone or Mac.

Since Apple uses CDN servers for FaceTime, it is possible that you might still be able to make Group FaceTime calls for now. However, that should change within the next few hours as the changes affect all FaceTime servers across the globe.