Apple’s TV App Will Offer Third-Party Service Subscription Support by Mid-April

A detailed report from The Information about Amazon’s streaming services reveals that Apple will be upgrading its TV app in April to add the ability to subscribe to streaming services directly via it.

Right now, one has to subscribe to HBO Now, CBS Go, and other streaming services from their respective Apple TV app or from their website. With the upgraded Apple TV app, users will be able to subscribe to these streaming services directly from the TV app.

Apple is informing companies of a mid-April launch and telling them to be ready by them. It is unclear if Apple will be launching its own streaming service platform in mid-April or not as well.

This is a behavior that Amazon already offers for its Prime Video subscribers. Dubbed Amazon Channels, it allows one to sign up and subscribe to over 200 different streaming services right from the Prime Video app.

A mid-April launch means that we will likely see Apple talk about this feature and release an updated version of tvOS with some other new set of features in March this year. The company is expected to unveil a refreshed version of the 2019 9.7-inch iPad, iPad mini 5, AirPods 2, and AirPower at the event.

This move from Apple will definitely provide users with a better user experience, though the end result will depend on the number of streaming services that are available for subscription from within the TV app.

[Via The Information]