Apple Allegedly Working on a Video Game Subscription Service

Apple Australia

Subscription services are all the rage these days. Apple is not a stranger to this idea, and it may be going all-in with video games.

According to a report on Monday from Cheddar, Apple is going to launch a video game subscription service. The company is reportedly speaking to video game developers already. This new service would be similar to others out there, including Netflix. It would allow subscribers to play a variety of different games from a single source. The content would be accessible via a monthly subscription.

Interestingly, Apple would want to be a publisher of these titles as well. That would give Apple a bit more control over what’s developed and released. It would be a very different role for Apple. Unfortunately, at the time of the report, there is no information to share about a release date. It is unknown just how much Apple would charge a month.

The potential flow of cash from a service like this could be huge. It is not a secret that video games are huge. The iOS App Store is dominated by games. Most of those are free-to-play (F2P) titles that offer a variety of in-app purchases. Could that work with a subscription service? If the console video game industry is any indicator, it definitely could. Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo console owners pay a subscription fee to access online services. Those platforms have their fair share of freemium titles — and even more games that charge $60+ up front and then beg for even money in microtransactions.

This is a market that is starting to see some revitalized attention. Recently we reported that Verizon is planning on launching its own video game streaming service. That service could be a subscription option as well.

What do you think of this potential move by Apple? The company has confirmed it will launch new services soon, including its streaming platform for TVs and movies. Would you subscribe to a gaming service?

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