Apple Watch Series 4 and ECG App Helped One Man Identify AFIB Heart Condition

The Apple Watch Series 4 launched not too long ago, and Apple (eventually) brought with it a brand new ECG app that’s meant to help identify specific heart irregularities.

And while some doctors are on the fence on whether or not the ECG app in the newest Apple-branded smartwatch is a good thing or not, the device has already been pegged for potentially saving one person’s life even before the end of 2018. And now, just as 2019 is getting started, we have another report that says the new app was crucial in identifying AFIB heart conditions in one man over the holidays.

WMUR has the report on Wednesday, telling the story of Barry Madden, a self-identified “tech geek”, who purchased the new Apple Watch Series 4 mainly for its ability to detect falls. Madden suffered a brain injury in the past, and he figured that particular feature would be a good one to have, just in case. And to help him keep a better eye on his overall health. But it turns out the ECG app actually helped him right away.

According to the report, Madden, who thought he was just feeling stressed out due to holiday travel, checked the ECG app and it indicated to him that he was showing AFIB-like symptoms. The app told him, “It looks like your heart is in AFIB. You should contact your doctor”, just like it’s supposed to do. Madden went to the ER and, after being tested with a proper EKG machine, it was confirmed that his heart was indeed suffering from irregular movements.

Maden was sedated as a result of the findings, and the doctors had to restart his heart. Accordnig to the report, Maden had no idea he had any chance of having AFIB symptoms, so the results were not on his radar at all. The Apple Watch let him know what was going on and he was able to take the appropriate next steps to get help.

This is exactly why the ECG app in the Series 4 makes sense. While some doctors might not think the older generation is buying these devices, that’s not always going to be the case. And, yes, younger, healthier people might not need the ECG app, but it’s certainly a nice feature to have. Maden, for instance, is described as being “grateful and blessed” after what happened, and the Apple Watch Series 4’s ECG app helped with that.

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