Bluetooth 5.1 Will Make Finding Things Easier With ‘Direction Finding’

Bluetooth is one of the most important features in a lot of devices, including smartphones. It is getting even more helpful in an upcoming version.

VentureBeat has the initial report on Bluetooth 5.1, which is going out to developers starting today. This uptick in version number will include one primary new feature: direction finding. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) outlined the feature, saying that it will make it possible for one Bluetooth 5.1 device to find another down to centimeters of accuracy. That is a big change from the current feature, which can find a device within a few feet or meters.

Current iteration of Bluetooth tracking comes down to proximity more than anything else. The Bluetooth device can bing the other Bluetooth device and send an audible alarm. That makes it easy to find the lost device. This new technology could make that even easier as it narrows down location by large margin.

This can also serve a strong purpose in warehouses. This new feature could make finding specific items even easier.

“Location services is one of the fastest-growing solution areas for Bluetooth technology and is forecasted to reach over 400 million products per year by 2022,” said Bluetooth SIG executive director Mark Powell in a press release. “This is great traction, and the Bluetooth community continues to seek ways to further grow this market with technology enhancements that better address market needs, demonstrating the community’s commitment to driving innovation and enriching the technology experience of users worldwide.”

As mentioned above, Bluetooth 5.1 is now heading out to developers. It may take some time before it’s ready for consumer-friendly devices. Still, this sounds like a solid upgrade to Bluetooth, especially for location finding.

[via VentureBeat]