Commonwealth Bank in Australia Now Supports Apple Pay

Today is a big day for Apple’s mobile payment option, with news that another major bank in Australia is supporting it.

Australia’s Commonwealth Bank has confirmed that it is now supporting Apple Pay. And to make sure it’s all officially official, Apple’s landing page for the mobile payment option now lists the Commonwealth Bank as a supported partner. The addition isn’t too much of a surprise, though, with Commonwealth teasing the adoption of the mobile payment option back in December of last year.

Still, it hasn’t been a fight. Apple has been arguing with banks in Australia for quite some time. Most of those banks wanted access to the NFC capabilities of the iPhone before they would allow support for Apple Pay. Fees also played a huge deal in those finalized negotiations as well. Whatever happened behind-the-scenes, it looks like Commonwealth Bank and Apple have figured it out, allowing the support for customers out in the real world beginning today.

Apple Pay officially launched in Australia back in November of 2015. Since then it’s been very, very slow on the adoption scale for banks for the reasons mentioned above. It wouldn’t be until August of 2016 before one of the big banks in the country, ANZ, would officially launch support for the mobile payment option.

But here we are in 2019 and now Commonwealth Bank, among many others, are now on board with Apple Pay in Australia.

In other Apple Pay news, Apple recently announced it’s rolling out to Target retail stores, along with Taco Bell and Jack In The Box fast food places, among other locations in the United States.

How often do you use Apple Pay these days?