DuckDuckGo is Going to Use Apple Maps for Local Searches

If you choose to use the other search engine, DuckDuckGo, then you may be happy to know Apple Maps is getting some big integration into the service.

DuckDuckGo has confirmed that it will be integrating Apple Maps into the service for local searches. Apple Maps will cover both address- and maps-related searches from this point on from the privacy-focused search service. It will be using MapKit JS to provide better visual features, generally improved satellite imagery, and other improvements. This will all be handled without a general sacrifice to user security, which is DuckDuckGo’s primary feature compared to Google.

There will be a Maps tab in relevant searches, which will link straight to Apple Maps. And where a map is necessary in results, the Apple Maps result will be automatically embedded within search results.

The new feature is now available in DuckDuckGo. While Apple Maps may still not be the primary option for some iPhone owners out in the wild, the fact that DuckDuckGo (and Apple as a whole) focus on user privacy may be a good reason to switch.

Do you use DuckDuckGo instead of Google? Have you switched to Apple Maps instead of Google Maps?

[via DuckDuckGo]