Gmail for Android and iOS Getting a New Material Design Look

Gmail for iOS

Google today announced the rollout of a brand new look for Gmail for iOS and Android with a refreshed Material Theme. The new theme is in line with the design and UI aesthetics being used by Google across its other products and services.

Google says the new design will make it easier to view attachments in an email without one having to scroll through the entire conversation or without opening the email itself. This behaviour is similar to what Google introduced with the revamped Gmail on the web. It also makes switching between different accounts easier. Plus, spam emails are going to be highlighted in red just like they are on the web.

The new theme is blindingly white and does away with the red action bar at the top which was a prominent UI element in the existing Gmail mobile app. Hopefully, Google will introduce a dark theme with Android Q or add a dark theme to the Gmail app itself down the line as well.

Google is first rolling out the Material Design update the Android version of the Gmail app, with the iPhone and iPad version getting the update in the coming weeks.

[Via Google]