Apple Shares ‘Shot on iPhone XR – Experiments II: Full Circle’ Which Used 32 iPhone XRs

The iPhone XR has a powerful single camera system, and Apple is really showing it off in its latest video.

After uploading a video showing behind-the-scenes editing skills of the iPad Pro, Apple has published another video, this time for the “Shot on iPhone” ad campaign. In this video, which is entitled, “Shot on iPhone XR — Experiments II: Full Circle”, which uses 32 different iPhone models to capture the video. The video was commissioned by Apple, and shot by Donghoon Jun and James Thornton of Incite.

The video measures in at over a minute in length and you can watch it below. In it, we get to see various items in a 360-degree view. That includes fire, colored slime, dry ice bubbles, and colored water. All of this is on a rotating rig, where the iPhones capture the video.

In addition to the video, Apple is sharing another behind-the-scenes video, which you can see the camera rig in:

What do you think of this latest ad?