Microsoft Outlook With New Design Rolling Out to All iOS Users

Microsoft is redesigning Outlook for iOS

Back in December of last year, Microsoft teased an incoming design change for Outlook for iOS. At the time, unfortunately, it was only available for beta testers.

Looks like the testing went well, because the redesigned Outlook for iOS is now rolling out to all iOS users. The major design change is the big blue bar at the top, which is very noticeable now. Beyond that, Microsoft has included a few different new features along the way. That includes new customized swipe actions, which users will be prompted to change the first time they try to use them.

Outlook for iOS now includes support for avatars, which should make identifying senders and recipients even easier. The app will now show your calendar inline with a message as well, making appointment-setting a lot easier.

There is more coming down the line. Microsoft has already confirmed that a dark mode for Outlook is in development as well. That won’t arrive for a short time, though. You can find a link to download Outlook for iOS through the link below.


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[via The Verge; @MPalermiti]