New iPhone Concept Showcases a Punch Hole Design

The iPhone X wasn’t the first phone with a notch, but it was Apple’s design that brought the notch design to the masses, and, as such, a variety of different smartphone manufacturers out there quickly adopted it themselves.

2018 was the Year of the Notch, but, thankfully, it appears that trend is already starting to fade away — at least for Android manufacturers, anyway. Samsung, and many other companies, have already adopted another design choice that’s starting to catch fire: the hole punch design, which leaves a very small cutout in the corner of the display for the front-facing camera.

It’s not as glaring as the notch design, but it certainly attracts the eye. For better or worse.

There are rumors out there that Apple is going to ditch the notch, and that it may be as early as the 2019 iPhone lineup, but that’s not guaranteed at all. What’s more, no one knows what Apple may adopt instead of the notch. Will it be just a bezel-less design altogether, as Apple chases that Holy Grail? Or will we see a hole punch design? Who knows!

Well, the fine folks over at iOS Hacks published a concept image of what a future iPhone may look like with that hole punch design, with a slight tweak on the idea that we’ve seen so far. Instead of a small circular hole for the front camera, this design actually looks a little like the dual camera design on the iPhone 8, with its horizontal design. It’s a pill shape, rather than a circle.

The concept comes from designer Ben Geskin.

Is this what Apple is going to come up with? It would make a dual camera design up front possible, but it’s also not all that small. It’s certainly smaller than the notch, though! So at least that would be moving in the right direction.

I’m a personal fan of the reduction in bezel size, but these designs where the screen is impeded in any way from the content on display just doesn’t speak to me. Looking at photos or watching any content on the phone makes these designs really stand out in all the wrong ways. The notch is bad enough, but then to just have a hole in something you’re watching? I’m not a huge fan.

But what do you think of this design? Are you hoping Apple goes this route?

[via Ben Geskin]