Spotify Working on the Ability to Block Artists

Even if you have a natural love for several different types of music, there may be some artists out there you simply don’t want to see or hear at all.

Thurrot was the first to spot the incoming feature, which will allow Spotify users to block an individual artist. The ability is called “don’t play this artist”, and it will mute that artist from showing up in your app. Spotify is currently testing it within the iOS app, but there is no word on when it might be available for the public.

Blocking an artist will prevent that person, or band, from showing up in the app altogether. And it will mute all of the artist’s music from playing in a playlist, radio stations, library, or a chart list. However, it should be noted that while this will block the artist from showing up, it will not block songs where that artist is featured on. So it’s still possible, at least for now, that you may see the blocked artist show up in that way.

This is just one of many things that Spotify has been reported to be working on recently. Two of the last items, though, were meant for the in-car experience. The first is a new in-app feature that will tweak the media playback controls to make them bigger and drop the album art to make playback easier while driving. Spotify is also working on a hardware device for the car as well, which will allow for easy voice-controlled playback.

Spotify is on a bit of a tear recently, and 2019 is looking to be pretty exciting for subscribers that will take advantage of these new additions. Meanwhile, Apple Music recently added a “Friends Mix”, so . . . you know, they’re close! Of course, that’s not stopping Apple Music from adopting subscribers at a ridiculous rate. Maybe we’ll see some exciting things for Apple’s streaming service at WWDC this year.

[via Thurrot]