Target REDcard Doesn’t Support Apple Pay

Apple made a big announcement yesterday, finally bringing in the big box retailer Target into the Apple Pay fold.

That announcement felt like a longtime coming, especially for Target customers that have been wanting to use Apple’s mobile payment option at the retailer. However, there’s a bit of a letdown that has been discovered after the initial announcement. As was confirmed by MacRumors on Wednesday, Target’s specialized debit and credit cards, known as the Target REDcard, will not be able to be added to Apple Pay at this time.

That means, instead of being able to use that specific card as a means to pay for a purchase via Apple Pay, you will still need to use the physical card to checkout. There is an alternative, though. You can always add the card to the Target iOS app, in which case it will come up as a barcode that the checkout person can scan to buy your goods.

Per a Target spokesperson:

“REDcards cannot be added to Apple Pay as part of this rollout.”

So, a bit of bad news mixed in with the good. There is no doubt that many Target customers out there use the REDcard, especially considering it offers 5% savings for shoppers that use it. The barcode within the Target app might not be ideal, but at least it’s still an option. And for those who don’t rely on the REDcard for the majority of their purchases at Target, Apple Pay is now an option!

Still, one hopes that Target and Apple can work it out to make the REDcard a viable option for the mobile payment option at a later date.

[via MacRumors]