Twitter Rolling Out New Web Interface With Emoji Button, Keyboard Shortcuts, and More

Twitter has been teasing the idea of adopting a new web interface for quite some time, and the social network is beginning to finally roll it out.

Today, Twitter confirmed that it is now rolling out its new web layout to some users. Now, Twitter on the web will have a two-column layout, which should not only look nicer but also make using the service on the web a bit faster and easier, too. To help with the overall speed, Twitter is also introducing brand new keyboard shortcuts, which should make navigating a lot easier for folks who don’t want to click all over the place.

The new web layout also includes a dedicated emoji button, because we can’t get away from emoji. There is also a brand new and updated Trends section, letting you see what’s going on on Twitter a lot more easily. Twitter is still not including an edit button this time around, and the status updates feature that Twitter has been testing isn’t in this update, either. The company is still working on a dark mode, though.

Twitter’s new web interface is starting to roll out now, but it may not show up for you just yet. Keep an eye out, though.

There are still plenty of features that are missing that users want, like the edit button, so maybe we’ll get that sooner rather than later now that this bit of an update is finally seeing the light of day.

[via @Twitter]