Uber Now Shows Public Transportation in Its App


The ride-hailing service Uber is looking to expand its usefulness to customers, and has set its sights on public transportation.

As was first reported by The Verge on Thursday, Uber is now showing public transportation information in its app. However, the kicker is that the new data is only present in one city right now: Denver, Colorado. Uber does plan on expanding the support to other cities across the United States, but that rollout may take some time.

For now, it’s only available in Denver. For those in the city that use Uber, there will be a new icon, a small train car with “transit” next to it, that can be found in the app. If a user taps on that new icon, they will be shown different bus and train routes, as well as projected fare pricing. End-to-end directions are also included. Uber’s goal is to help people rely less on their personal vehicles, whether that’s with a ride-hailing service or with other options like public transportation, scooters, and other options.

“We should prepare transit for the future, and make it the most competitive way to get around, because that’s what we want to see,” says Andrew Salzberg, Uber’s head of transportation policy and research. “We’re so confident that transit is in fact the best way to get around in many cities that we want to put it in our app as a rider proposition.”

Moovit is providing the transit data. And soon, Uber will let users pay for train tickets in the app, thanks to a partnership with ticketing company Masabi.

This is a bold move for Uber, one that the company has been working on for quite some time. Of course, the company would still prefer users to call an Uber for part of their journey, but it also seems perfectly okay with folks using the best possible method to complete their trip — even if that isn’t Uber directly. Having its app be a one-stop-shop may help boost bookings, too.

Do you use Uber? Or another service altogether?

[via The Verge]