Unc0ver iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak Update Brings Re-Jailbreak Feature and Other Improvements

Unc0ver ReJailbreak

The latest update to the popular Unc0ver jailbreak for iOS 11 – iOS 11.4 beta 3 adds a useful Re-Jailbreak feature which would make the life of jailbroken iPhone users easy if they end up installing a bad or incompatible tweak on their device. 

The next time you install an incompatible tweak and your device ends up in a respring loop, you will be able to recover it without losing your jailbreak. This would be possible since you will still have root access to the system.

Here’s how Pwn20wnd has explained the feature:

(You can also “re-jailbreak” without running the exploit if you (re-)jailbreak for once with “Export TFP0” on till you reboot although this basically gives every possible privilege on the system to every app and completely kills your security, you could use it in cases like, jailbreaking with “Load Tweaks” off and “Export TFP0” on, uninstalling a broken tweak, re-jailbreaking with “Load Tweaks” on and “Export TFP0” off)

This relatively simple addition would make it easy for jailbroken iOS 11 users to try out new tweaks on their device without worrying about having to go through the tedious process of rebooting and jailbreaking it again in case of a bad or incompatible tweak.

If you are already using unc0ver, make sure to update to the latest public release v2.1.0 to enjoy the Re-Jailbreak feature. The unc0ver 2.1.0 jailbreak tool has been updated multiple times over the last few days to fix some weird issues and squash some bugs so ensure that you have the latest revision of the tool.

[Via Reddit]