Apple Starts Selling the iPhone SE Again through Its Clearance Store [Update x4: Back in Stock (Again!)]

Apple has once again started selling the iPhone SE through its online store. The company had stopped selling the iPhone SE after its iPhone event in September last year. This time around, Apple is selling the iPhone SE through its clearance store in the United States.

Update 4: And, once again, Apple has brought back the iPhone SE into the clearance store.

Update 3: And, once again, the iPhone SE is back in stock in Apple’s online clearance shop. $249 for the 32GB model and $299 for the 128GB model.

Update 2: Looks like Apple has brought back the iPhone SE into its clearance store in the online storefront again. If you want one, better head over there now to pick one up!

Update: Apple has restocked the iPhone SE in its Clearance department within the online store again. The small handset probably won’t last long (again), so if you want one now is the time to strike.

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The base 32GB variant of the iPhone SE is being sold for $249, while the 128GB version is selling for $299. Prior to being removed, Apple was selling the iPhone SE for $349 and $449, respectively. Apple is using the clearance store to sell its unsold stock of the iPhone SE. All the units being sold are brand new and have never been taken out from their box.

iPhone SE Clearance Store

As a quick reminder, the iPhone SE sports a 4-inch Retina Display, A9 chipset, Touch ID chipset, and a 12MP rear camera. The clearance store is only selling the iPhone SE in Rose Gold and Gold colors.

It is unlikely that we will see Apple launch a refreshed iPhone SE 2 with updated internals. With its bezel-less design and taller aspect ratio, the iPhone X is relatively easy to use one-handed when compared to the likes of the iPhone 8 Plus before it. However, there’s still a decent demand for the iPhone SE among consumers which is perhaps why Apple put the device back on sale via its Clearance store.

Apart from the iPhone SE, Apple is only selling a single variant of the 13.3-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro on its Clearance Store.

iPhone SE on Apple’s Clearance Store