2019 iMac Benchmark Scores Reveal a Worthwhile Boost in Performance

Apple recently announced brand new iMac models, all of which are equipped with newer processors under the hood to keep things humming along.

Now, Geekbench has put together a nice write-up on the performance boost that the new models bring to the table. For those keeping track, the 8th- and 9th-generation Coffee Lake chips are equipped inside. Across the board, this has built up to faster performance when compared to the 2017 iMac models.

Apple’s new 21.5- and 27-inch iMacs are the benefactors of better processors. The single-core performance score for the 21.5-inch iMac with an Intel Core i5 is 5267. Compare that to an iMac from mid-2017 equipped with an Intel Core i7 with a score of 5252. The 2019 iMac with a Core Intel i3, however, sees a score of 4689. So if you want better performance, you’ll unsurprisingly have to fork over for a faster processor.

Meanwhile, the multi-score for for the same 21.5-inch iMac with an Intel Core i5 is 20539. The mid-2017 iMac with an Intel Core i7 has a multi-core score of 17850. The Core Intel i3-equipped 2019 iMac, meanwhile, has a score of 14170.

“For the new 21.5-inch iMac with i3 and i5 processors, single-core performance is up 5-10%, and multi-core performance is up 10-50%. Since the processor architecture is effectively unchanged between the 7th generation and the 8th generation Intel Core processors, most of the increase is due to higher frequencies and higher core counts.”

Moving on to the 27-inch iMac, Geekbench reveals that the single-core score is set at 6157 for the Intel Core i9-equipped model. The Core Intel i5 option of the same year is in second place with a score of 5800. The mid-2017 iMac with a Core i7 inside comes in third, with a single-core score of 5684.

Next, the multi-core scores. As you might have guessed, the Intel Core i9-equipped 2019 iMac is at the top of the heap, with a score of 32293. Next, in second place, the Core i5-equipped 2019 iMac with a score of 22650. The 2019 iMac actually earns the top four spots. So, in fifth, is the mid-2017 Core i7 option with a score of 19371.

“For the new 27-inch iMac, single-core performance is up 6-11%. Multi-core performance is up 43-49% for the 6-core models, and up 66% for the 8-core models. Again, the increase is due to higher frequencies and core counts, not to any architectural improvements.”

So, if you were hoping that the 2019 iMacs would be powerful, that seems to be the case. Especially when compared to the immediate predecessors.

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[via Geekbench]