Report Says Apple Approved Production of AirPower Earlier This Year After Missing Initial 2018 Launch

Apple AirPower

When is Apple going to launch its wireless charging mat, AirPower? We still don’t know. But it’s starting to sound like it’s coming soon (finally).

The Wall Street Journal is reporting on Wednesday that Apple officially approved production of the AirPower wireless charging mat earlier this year. That would suggest the accessory is almost ready to officially launch to the public. If that is indeed the case, it would line up with previous rumors that Apple had started production earlier this year, following production delays related to overheating.

The report outlines as such:

“The company earlier this year approved production of a wireless-charging pad called AirPower, according to people familiar with the matter. It had announced the product in late 2017.

AirPower, which would allow users to charge the new AirPods and an iPhone simultaneously, has been delayed by product-development challenges, the people said. Apple typically announces new products within months of beginning production.”

There was a previous rumor that suggested Apple was planning on launching the AirPower wireless charging mat in the first half of 2019, along with new AirPods. That may still be the case, as Apple did launch the second-generation AirPods this week — which support a wireless charging case.

Apple initially planned on launching AirPower in 2018. However, that did not pan out. As it stands right now, we’ve seen hints that AirPower is right around the corner. That includes references within the code of iOS 12.2, suggesting Apple is indeed prepared to launch the accessory to the public in the near future.

Talk about AirPower had died down quite a bit recently, helped in part by Apple simply refusing to talk about the official accessory. But that is definitely changing now, which could hint at a potential launch right around the corner.

Are you buying AirPower if/when it launches?

[via WSJ]