Apple Announces Apple News+ With Over 300 Magazines And Digital Subscriptions like WSJ, LA Times For $9.99/Month

Apple today announced its Apple News+ subscription service. With Apple News serving over 500 million articles to its users every day, Apple is now adding magazines and digital subscriptions to Apple News to deliver more content to end users.

All magazines will have a live cover and make extensive use of infographics to make content easier to read and follow. All the magazine content will be reformatted and displayed in a layout that is easy to read on a mobile device.

All the magazine and article recommendations in Apple News will be made by editors at Apple. The app will have multiple tabs to suggest articles from magazines, highlight new issues of magazines, and more. Magazines have been divided into multiple categories making it easy for users to find magazines and content that interest them.

Apple News+ will launch with over 300+ magazines. Below is a list of some of the major magazines and publications that will be available in Apple News+:

  • Billboard
  • Eating Well
  • ESPN The Magazine
  • Fortune
  • National Geographic
  • Popular Science
  • Sports Illustrated
  • Rolling Stone
  • The New Yorker
  • Men’s Health
  • Hollywood Reporter
  • Vogue

Apart from magazines, Apple News+ will also come with digital content from major online publications like TechCrunch, The Wall Street Journal, The LA Times, and more.

Apple will not allow advertisers to track what you read thereby ensuring that ads won’t be splattered across the web based on the content you read.

Apple News+ will cost $9.99/month with the first month free for users. Apple is also offering Apple News+ at no additional cost for Family Sharing users.

Sadly, Apple News+ is only going to be available to users in the United States and Canada. The service will be making its way to Europe (U.K.) and Australia in fall 2019.