Apple Announces Original TV and Film Streaming Service, Apple TV+

Apple went ahead and announced a brand new Apple TV experience, called Apple TV+ at its event on Monday.

Apple officially announced Apple TV+ today. This is a brand new service, designed to share “great stories” from TV and movies. Apple makes it clear that it is working with writers, producers, and directors to share their stories with this new service. Apple let the artists tell their stories and expand upon Apple TV+ as a service.

That started with Steven Spielberg, one of the best directors of all time. Producer, director, writer J.J. Abrams also stepped in to talk about the creativity and reach that stories offer, as did Sofia Coppola. M. Night Shyamalan weighed in as well, as did Ron Howard. They talked about the creative process in general, all while the screen showed open lots, sound stages, orchestras, as well as other stars like Octavia Spencer. We see sets, props, and more.

All of these individuals (including Hailee Steinfeld, Damien Chazelle, Reese Witherspoon, and others) will have a role to play in Apple’s grand ambition with Apple TV+, including new stories that will be shared on the platform.

Spielberg took the stage during the event, after the promotional video wrapped up. The director got a lengthy standing ovation before he dug in. He spoke about his upcoming series, Amazing Stories, a Science-Fiction anthology series. Spielberg will be working with his Amblin production company to bring the series to life. Spielberg teased a World War II pilot that travels through space and time to the present day, and the implications of that trip.

After Spielberg, we got Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, both of which will be starring in a new morning show drama. This is called The Morning Show, which will show the power dynamics between men and women on these morning shows. The series will look at the relationships between these individuals. Steve Carell took the stage, joining the actresses, as he will be a star in the show as well. The three bantered on the stage.

This is Aniston’s big return to TV as well, following her departure from Friends all those years ago.

Next: Jason Momoa who will star in See, an upcoming thriller series based on individuals who have gone blind. The survivors lived through an apocalyptic event, and takes place centuries after the initial events.

Following that preview, we get Kumail Nanjiani on stage who told his bringing up within the United States after he was moved to the country by his family years ago. He told of his move to Chicago, Illinois, and tried to figure out “what to do with my life”. Nanjiani’s effort with Apple TV+ is Little America and will tell human stories that feature immigrants. These will be true stories, including a 12-year-old boy who secretly ran a hotel after his parents were deported. This is another anthology series.

Big Bird! From Sesame Street! Bird was joined on stage by a new character named Cody. Helpsters is a brand new preschool show, all designed to show kids how to help others. Coding will be the building blocks of the show, showing kids how they can learn how to code to build things and help others. There will also be “cool music and funky dance moves”.

Up next is J.J. Abrams and singer/songwriter Sara Bareilles. The two spoke about their upcoming project with Apple TV+. This series is Little Voice, which will tell the story of a “promising, flawed young woman” living in a community of “vibrant artists”. She will find herself and her dream along the way. Bareilles even took to a piano and sang the theme song to the upcoming show.

Apple sees Apple TV+ as the go-to destination for new content. We will see live-action shows and movies, documentaries, dramas, kids shows, as well as animated projects. We then got to see brief showcases of each of the shows that Apple presented on stage. And even some they didn’t.

All of these original shows and movies will be available in the revamped Apple TV app.

Apple TV+ is ad-free, on-demand, available online and offline. Everything is downloadable. It will see new offerings every month in over 100 countries. It launches this fall.

One more storyteller! Apple promoted creativity, optimism, and inclusion in its final moments. A voice and creator. To promote conversation and community. And that person is Oprah. Who also got a standing ovation (of course). While on stage, Oprah spoke about her project with Apple. A “unique opportunity to rise to our best selves”. She spoke about listening, to finding ourselves, to harness our hopes and dreams, and to “heal our divisions”.

She “joined forces with Apple” to do “what I do” in a “whole new way”. She promoted the fact that so many Apple devices are out there in the world. She wants to “illuminate consciousness”. She will be talking with creators, artists, and more. She is woring on two documentaries. Toxic Labor will focus on issues in the work place. The other is untitled, but will talk about lives destroyed by mental health issues, and it will replace stigma and shame with compassion and honesty.

She will also be promoting new books. The most “stimulating” book club “on the planet”. It will be a new club that Apple Stores will stream the conversation between Oprah and the author of the book.

This is a developing story…