Concept Video Shows Off Apple’s AR Glasses and ‘realityOS’

Word on the street has been going strong for quite some time that Apple is developing augmented reality (AR) glasses.

Expectations at this point are that we’ll see Apple’s AR glasses some time in 2020, with production rumored to kick off later this year. That being said, while this device may be right around the corner, actual details on “Apple Glasses” are few and far between. Last we heard on a specifications level, the glasses will be equipped with two 8K displays.

ConceptsiPhone, by way of Dominik Hofacker, has published a two-minute long concept video of what they believe the Apple Glasses could look like. We get a nice look at the physical design they’ve envisioned, with curved edges and a very distinct, Sci-Fi feel. The concept video includes details like an A14 Bionic processor tucked into the right side of the frame, as well as 3D audio support while wearing the glasses.

There’s even a custom Louis Vuitton version of Apple Glasses put together for the video, all flashy in gold. But beyond that, there would be other customizable options, too, as far as the side pieces are concerned. Blue, pink, yellow (or gold), and others. The earpieces would be removable it looks like to make customization possible.

On to the software side, this concept video shows off what they call “realityOS”, what would power the glasses themselves. While the iPhone would still likely work as an anchor for most things, the Apple Glasses could still handle things like responding to text messages depending on where your focus is. And considering there’s a lot more room to work with with two displays, you could see battery life, contextual information for the world in front of you, the time, and access your calendar events with just a gaze.

You can check out the video below.

Our Take

This is definitely a unique design, and would stand out in the real world for sure. Considering the majority of the rumors out there have always envisioned Apple’s AR glasses as being full glasses, and not just one display over one eye, it’s going to be interesting to see what Apple actually comes up with. That is, of course, if Apple Glasses (or whatever they’re called) actually ever see the light of day.

We Want To Hear From You

What do you think of this concept video? Would you wear Apple Glasses in this design? How much do you think Apple’s going to charge for something like this?

[via ConceptsiPhone]