Apple Arcade Game Subscription Service Announced; Offers Access to Over 100+ Exclusive Games

Apple Arcade

Apple today announced that it is working with a bunch of developers on a new service called Apple Arcade. Its a game subscription service for mobile, desktop, and the living room.

By working with game developers directly, Apple is looking to open the door to a new world of possibilities in the mobile gaming world.

Apple Arcade will provide users access to over 100+ games at launch which will be exclusive to the platform.

Apple Arcade will get its own tab in the App Store. All Apple Arcade games will be available on iPhones, iPads, and Macs. One can even carry over their progress from one device to another.

Unlike Google’s Stadia, Apple Arcade is not cloud-based for any kind of processing. This means all these games are playable offline.

Apple Arcade games will focus on privacy and security and won’t display any kind of ads or collect any user data. Apple Arcade will be available this fall in over 150+ countries. Surprisingly, there was no word on the pricing of Apple Arcade.

Thoughts on Apple Arcade? I am interested in how the games look and the gameplay they offer. iOS games were already pretty high-quality but with Arcade, Apple seems ready to take things to a new level.