Apple Rebrands Fourth-Generation Apple TV as Apple TV HD

Apple TV HD

Following its ‘Show Time’ event, Apple went ahead and renamed its fourth-generation Apple TV to Apple TV HD. Unveiled in 2015, the fourth-generation Apple TV is capable of streaming content in 1080p resolution.

Apple now sells the HD streaming box alongside the 4K Apple TV. The 32GB Apple TV HD is priced at $149, while the 4K Apple TV is priced at $179. Both streaming boxes will provide users with access to Apple’s new TV app and its upcoming Apple TV+ streaming service.

The rebranding from Apple helps make the Apple TV lineup a bit more clear for new users. With the company’s new streaming service also being named as Apple TV+, many potential customers might end up getting confused with so many products and services under a similar sounding Apple TV name.

Apart from the Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K box, Apple also has its Apple TV app which provides one access to its new Channels service. Then, there’s its upcoming Apple TV+ streaming service which will be available on Apple TV as well. Confusing right? Long gone are the days when Apple used to keep its product lineup and naming scheme simple to follow.

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