Apple Announces Revamped TV App, ‘Apple TV Channels’

For years, Apple was looking to break into the TV industry. Rumors had it that would see the light of day as an actual TV set, but the Services division has emerged dominant.

As a result, Apple found a way to enter the market, but not necessarily disrupt it. Instead, Apple is ready to leverage its millions of customers out there in the wild as a way to get other companies to offer up their own services through Apple’s gates. After rumors and speculation, Apple today officially announced a revamped TV app that will provide built-in access to premium subscription services like Showtime, Starz, and others.

It will also offer up a variety of original television series and movies, with celebrities in attendance at Apple’s “It’s Show Time” event on Monday.

So, Apple changed things up by starting in a familiar place. The TV app is getting revamped in a major way, starting from a place where it brought together shows, movies, sports, and more making them all available on your devices.

Today, Apple announced the all-new TV app. Where it will still put together your personal library. This will bring together movies from iTunes, as well as content from streaming services from the likes of cable subscription options like Spectrum and others. And streaming services like Hulu.

Apple’s new tv experience is designed from one app. It’s meant to show content ad-free, download content, offering the best picture and sound, and more. It also includes Family Sharing at no additional cost. This new feature is called Apple TV Channels. It includes CBS All Access, Starz, Epix, and many other other subscription services.

The new TV app is built around “Watch Now”. It will show the content you’ve been watching in the “Up Next” to finish where you left off. It will show content from all of the sources you subscribe, so you can jump back and forth between sources easily. The editors will also offer up recommendations from TV shows and movies.

The new TV is personalized with machine learning to understand what users like to watch, based on what they’ve watched in the past. The new TV channels will be available within the TV app as you subscribe to them, so you won’t have to go from one app to another.

There is a new home for movies as well. The Apple TV Channels, along with iTunes content, will be bundled together. Making it easy to see what movies you can watch, whether it’s from Apple directly or from HBO.

There is also a new focus on sports, keeping tabs on what’s happening now from the teams you follow.

There is a new Kids Section as well, dedicated to programming for kids. This will all be cultivated from the channels you’ve subscribed to as well. There is a variety of content to watch for kids, all in a “safe space” that Apple calls it.

This new experience launches in May, including Apple TV Channels. The Apple TV app launches on the Mac this fall as well.

Apple confirmed the Apple TV app is coming to smart TVs as well. That will start with Samsung, of course, and go beyond that. It will launch the “same great experience” in the Spring, followed by Sony, LG, and Vizio, and the “biggest names” in smart TVs. The Apple TV app will launch on Roku devices, as well as Amazon streaming devices as well.

Today, the Apple TV app is available in 10 countries. The all-new experience will arrive around the world. It will be available in over 100 countries.