Pirated Copy of ‘Aquaman’ Suggests iTunes 4K Protections May Have Been Cracked

Digital rights management can be pretty tricky, especially for giant digital storefronts trying to sell copies of content.

Which is why certain protections are put in place to make sure that content is “safe” behind a paywall. Some work out better than others. And up until recently iTunes, Apple’s digital storefront, has had a pretty strong record — especially for 4K content. But it may be time to put a “0” in that category of days since last crack.

According to TorrentFreak, a leaked, pirated copy of the latest WB/DC home movie release, Aquaman, indicates it came directly from iTunes. The pirated 4K copy of the film has been making the rounds lately, and it suggests that Apple’s 4K protections embedded in iTunes have been bypassed for the first time.

“The title, “Aquaman.2018.2160p.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.HDR.HEVC-MOMA,” suggests that this is a 4K release that was decrypted directly from iTunes. This is something that has never happened before with a 4K WEB-DL.”

This is a milestone moment, but for all the wrong reasons. While Apple is relatively new to the 4K content game via iTunes, this still marks the first time that a 4K movie has been leaked out of iTunes by unofficial means. However, the original report does suggest some caution, as this file may not be ripped from iTunes at all. The file may denote that it is, but that doesn’t guarantee anything just yet. But if the film was ripped out of iTunes illegally, the methodology behind that move remains unknown.

If this is a bigger issue, it’s likely that Apple is already on top of it and fixing it behind-the-scenes.

[via TorrentFreak]