Donald Trump Calls Apple’s CEO Tim Cook ‘Tim Apple’

Tim Cook concerned

Tim Cook. The CEO of Apple. Given how long Cook has been the CEO of Apple and all that he has done, I doubt anyone in the tech business circle and in a high profile post in the U.S. government would forget his name. More so the president of the United States who has been a part of numerous meetings with Tim Cook. And yet Donald Trump referred to Tim Cook as “Tim Apple” during the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board meeting.

Yep, you read that right. “Tim Apple.” Below is what Trump exactly said:

“You’ve really put a great investment in our country. We really appreciate it very much, Tim Apple.”

This is not the first time that Trump has ended up mixing names of CEOs and high-profile executives of major companies. In the past as well, Trump ended up referring to Lockheed Martin CEO Marilyn Hewson as Marilyn Lockheed. And below is the tweet when Trump referred to Jeff Bezos as “Jeff Bozo.”

This mistake has obviously led to hundreds of memes and fake Tim Apple account popping up on Twitter.