Facebook Messenger Now Rolling Out Message Replies for Threaded Conversations

Facebook Messenger saw a major overhaul recently, and even finally welcomed a dark mode, but the changes aren’t done.

As was first reported this week by VentureBeat, Facebook Messenger is now rolling out threaded messages for users across the globe. Activating the new feature takes a bit of work, though. Namely, to get things started, you will need to long-press on a message and hit the “Reply” icon that pops up. This will let each user quickly and easily reply to an individual message, GIF, or image.

This should thread the conversations to make them easier to read. The reply to a specific message won’t hide the original message, either.

Facebook says the new message reply feature is rolling out globally, so it should go live here shortly if it isn’t already. Facebook Messenger recently added the ability to unsend a message as well, one of the most oft-requested features for the messaging platform. And, looking ahead, Facebook has confirmed it will be focusing on encrypted, ephemeral messaging down the road.

[via VentureBeat]