The iMac Pro Can Only Reportedly be Upgraded to 256GB of RAM at the Time of Purchase

If you purchased a new iMac Pro without 256GB of RAM already installed, but you’ve been thinking about upgrading, well, there may be some bad news this morning.

According to a report from MacRumors on Thursday, based on internal documentation seen by the publication, Apple is informing its Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers that the iMac Pro is equipped with four 64GB memory modules, specifically for the 256GB of RAM variant. The documentation goes further, saying that only the configured-to-order option with 256GB of RAM right out of the box is designed to work with those 64GB memory DIMMs.

If that pans out, then it suggests that Apple is informing its official stores and the authorized repair shops that the iMac Pro cannot be upgraded to 256GB of RAM after the fact. This means if you want 256GB of RAM in your iMac Pro, you will need to make sure you configure your new desktop computer with that much RAM as you go through the configuration process and before you checkout.

As you might expect, this is not a cheap option. The iMac Pro starts at $4,999, and if you want the 256GB RAM upgrade you will need to fork over an additional $5,200. That means the total price for the configured model, with the base iMac Pro, is $10,199.

Our Take

One would imagine that if you want 256GB of RAM, you’d go through the setup process at start. But upgrading after the fact can save some money, so it’s certainly possible that many iMac Pro owners were hoping to go down that route.

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If you were in the market for an iMac Pro, or if you are in the market for one for that matter, would this revelation change your consideration at all?

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