iOS 12.2 Hints at ECG App on Apple Watch Series 4 Expanding to Europe and UK

Following its ‘Show Time’ event last night, Apple released the iOS 12.2 with plenty of new features and changes. Among other things, it looks like the update will expand ECG availability on the Apple Watch Series 4 to more countries once watchOS 5.2 is released.

Many iPhone owners in the UK have seen the prompt to set up ECG on their Apple Watch Series 4 when they opened the Health app after updating to iOS 12.2. However, since the ECG app was missing from their watch, they could not set the feature up.

Apple has also updated its support documents related to ECG which further hints at the EG feature expanding to regions outside of the United States. The use of CE mark by Apple possibly points to the ECG feature making its way to European Economic Area countries.

The inclusion of ECG was one of the major new features of Apple Watch Series 4. Apple enabled it via a software update on the wearable a couple of months after it first went on sale but since it was waiting for required clearance, it could only make the feature available in the United States. It now looks like Apple has passed all the regulatory hurdles and is ready to bring the ECG app on the Apple Watch Series 4 to more countries.

While not available out of the box, it is easy to enable ECG on the Apple Watch Series 4 in regions outside of the United States. One simply needs to change the region in their iPhone to the United States and then open the Health app.

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Apple has not yet released watchOS 5.2 but with iOS 12.2 already released, my guess is that it would be released on March 26 (Tuesday). Are you excited about Apple expanding ECG feature on the Apple Watch Series 4 to more regions?

[Via MacRumors]