iPad Pro is Adding Support for the Logitech Crayon Stylus With iOS 12.2

At some point in the (near) future, Apple is going to launch iOS 12.2 into the wild. And with it, at least one new stylus will get support for one of Apple’s newer devices.

Over at The Verge, it has been reported that Logitech is going to add support for its Crayon stylus to the latest iteration of the iPad Pro. To make that happen, though, the company is waiting for iOS 12.2 to launch to the public. Nilay Patel said, “They told me that when the next version of iOS 12 comes out, presumably next week to support the streaming service, the Logitech Crayon will work with the iPad Pros”.

He then added, “I don’t know who’s buying a $1,500 iPad Pro and a Logitech Crayon”.

At the time of publication it has since been confirmed that the Logitech Crayon does indeed support the newest iPad Pro model running the latest developer beta of iOS 12.2. However, it still remains unclear if the older generation iPad Pro models will also support the Crayon following the software update.

The Logitech Crayon works with the newest iPad models, the iPad mini 5 and the third-generation iPad Air, which were announced earlier this week.

Logitech officially debuted the Crayon stylus back in March of last year, alongside the entry-level iPad. It is priced at $69 and has a very unique design.

Our Take

This is good news for anyone who already owns an iPad Pro and/or the Logitech Crayon and plans on buying the other piece of the puzzle. But, as Patel pointed out, I doubt anyone’s going out there to buy a new iPad Pro, in any variant, and then automatically opting for the less-than-feature-rich Crayon stylus. Especially compared to the second-generation Apple Pencil. Then again, saving money just to get a stylus isn’t a bad idea.

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Did you pick up Logitech’s Crayon stylus when it went on sale? If so, what do you think of the accessory?

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