Samsung Already Working on Two More Folding Smartphones

Samsung’s first foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold, is yet to go on sale but the company is already working on two other foldable devices. The Korean company is developing a clamshell-like foldable device while the other one folds outside similar to the Mate X.

Both these foldable devices are still months away from release though. The clamshell foldable phone will be unveiled either later this year or early next year. Samsung is still working on finalizing the design of the device and will look at consumer feedback of the Galaxy Fold to decide if the clamshell foldable device will have a screen on the outside or not.

The outward folding device will launch after that. The device is currently being prototyped inside Samsung. Due to the lack of a screen on the outside, it will be thinner than the Galaxy Fold. The company is also considering using an in-display fingerprint scanner on these foldable devices.

What’s more interesting is that the Bloomberg report sheds light on why Samsung did not allow tech press to play around with the Galaxy Fold at its Unpacked event or at MWC 2019.

The Galaxy Fold’s screen imperfection develops on a protective film covering the touch sensor bonded with the display underneath, the person said. That’s one reason why Samsung kept the phone inside a glass case at MWC in Barcelona last month, the person said.

The Galaxy Fold’s display will end up developing a crease after about 10,000 folds and while Samsung is working on eliminating that, it is currently mulling the possibility of offering customers a free screen replacement for the time being.

Our Take

The biggest issue with all foldable devices right now is that they use a plastic screen and that’s not good for long-term use. Apart from developing a crease, plastic screens also scratch far more easily than strengthened glass that we have been seeing in smartphones since over a decade now.

While Corning is working on a foldable display glass solution for foldable devices, it is still at least a couple of years away. Until then, it is likely that all foldable devices will have the same set of issues as the Galaxy Fold and the Mate X. So, if you were planning on buying the Galaxy Fold, you should perhaps reconsider your decision despite Samsung considering offering a free screen replacement to customers.

[Via Bloomberg]