Spotify Hits Back at Apple’s Reply, Says ‘Every Monopolist Will Suggest They Have Done Nothing Wrong’

It looks the fight between Apple and Spotify is all set to go from bad to ugly. Spotify filed a complaint against Apple with the European Commission and released a major PR campaign along with a Time to Play fair website against it for its monopolistic App Store practices. Apple then hit back on Friday morning with a detailed reply in which it accused Spotify of wanting to keep all the App Store benefits for free.

Now, a Spotify spokesperson has hit back at the comments made by Apple. He said that every company with a monopolistic behavior will say that they have not done anything wrong.

“We filed our complaint because Apple’s actions hurt competition and consumers, and are in clear violation of the law. This is evident in Apple’s belief that Spotify’s users on iOS are Apple customers and not Spotify customers, which goes to the very heart of the issue with Apple. We respect the process the European Commission must now undertake to conduct its review.”

Our Take

It looks like Apple’s battle with Spotify is going to take the same course as its ongoing battle with Qualcomm. There’s going to be a lot of mud-slinging involved between the two companies now.

Spotify in its place is correct that Apple has a monopolistic approach towards the App Store and uses it to promote its own apps and services which gives it an unfair advantage over its competition. But then Spotify should also realize that there are certain costs involved with the upkeep of the App Store and it needs to contribute towards that, though this doesn’t justify the fees charged by Apple.

[Via Variety]