Apple Hires Notable VR Leader, Arthur van Hoff

One of the most oft-rumored new products coming down the line from Apple is a pair of augmented reality/virtual reality glasses. And while it’s no secret Apple’s chief executive loves AR, the company’s track record for new hires does seem to point to a new hardware push in the future. Take, for example, the newest hire for Apple: Arthur van Hoff.

van Hoff has had a longstanding relationship with virtual reality, having served as the founding chief technical officer at the Disney-backed Jaunt VR. van Hoff founded Jaunt in 2013, and was working to build the brand as a way to enjoy a cinematic VR experience. It developed its own high-end camera, and even a distribution platform for VR content. However, a lagging VR market led to Jaunt letting go a lot of its employees in October of last year.

Many of those former Jaunt engineers work with Apple. And now van Hoff can be tagged as an Apple employee. Variety has the report this week, noting that van Hoff updated his official LinkedIn page to reflect joining Apple recently. At the time of publication, while it’s known that van Hoff filled a senior architect position, it’s not known what van Hoff will be working on, exactly, at Apple.

However, the safe bet is that it will have something to do with Apple’s rumored AR glasses. Those are rumored to launch sometime in 2020, and could feature a pair of 8K displays. We recently saw a concept look at what the AR glasses could look like, but the rumor mill and leaks have been pretty thin as of late in that regard.

Our Take

This is another big hire for Apple in this space. There is no doubt whatsoever that AR is still a big push for the company, and these hires just prove that. Of course, whether or not the product Apple is developing will be worthwhile still remains to be seen.

[via Variety]