Apple May Be Transitioning to LG OLEDs to Avoid Supplying from Samsung

iPhone X Reading in Dark Mode OLED Screen 2

Apple may be splitting the manufacturing process of their OLED displays for this years iPhone models. Previously, Apple has used LG as the supplier for their LCD panels and Samsung for the OLED variants, however, due to the rising rivalry between Samsung and Apple, the Cupertino company may be switching entirely.

Samsung currently produces every OLED display on every iPhone Apple makes. This also means they make a profit off of every sold iPhone. This isn’t good for Apple, as their biggest rival in the premium sector of smartphones is Samsung. Reports state that this year, we might have something similar to the TSMC vs. Samsung “chipgate” as we had with the iPhone 6S’s SoC. For Reference, the A9 SoC was manufactured by either Samsung or TSMC, meaning your iPhone 6S could contain a different chip from the one sold right before it. The debate if this split had any effect on the performance or battery life of the iPhone 6S continues until this day.

This could happen again with a new “displaygate” where some iPhones have LG displays while others have Samsung displays, as Apple plans on splitting the supply at around 10-30% of the displays coming from LG, who has had some bad reputation in the smartphone OLED department.

Apple plans to transition fully to LG displays by the time 2020 iPhone’s hit the market as well, making LG the sole and only supplier of iPhone panels.

[via National Herald India]