Apple Sued for Reportedly Selling iTunes User Data

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It feels like almost every single day, Apple gets sued for something. We previously reported on a widow winning a case over access to her dead husband’s iCloud account, as well as the “Apple Monopoly” case where Apple has been accused of creating a monopoly over the App Store. Now it’s time for yet another lawsuit, this time over privacy.

Apple has been very loud in it’s “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone” ad campaign, however, does that include MacBooks and other Apple devices running iTunes? Because if it does, someone may be in trouble. Three unnamed individuals have filed a court case against Apple, for selling iTunes user data to third-parties.

The lawsuit, filled in California, accuses the Cupertino company of selling data regarding what users are listening to, liking and adding to their playlists via iTunes and Apple Music.

Apple is a very strong advocate for privacy in the technology community, making the whole case quite ironic. Apple has stepped up against organisations like the FBI in the past over a single iPhone, just to show off how much they care about their user privacy. On top of that, the company has multiple times released posts, ad-campaigns and much more addressing privacy as the reason to use Apple devices.

If this case proves to be true, Apple could risk their whole privacy-oriented reputation.