Apple releases iOS 12.4 Developer Beta 3

Another day (as usual, Tuesday), another developer beta released by Apple for iDevices. This time, however, tvOS, macOS or watchOS see no love as only iOS beta gets released.

Apple isn’t known for showcasing every change in their developer betas, or any at all really. iOS 12.4 Developer Beta 3 is no exception, but we didn’t expect much either. This update most likely only features bug fixes and patches, minor cosmetic changes if any at all and probably, absolutely no new features to be seen.

We expect this update to be preparing iOS devices for the upcoming Apple Card, thereby no new features to be seen with the naked eye without diving deeper into the system.

This is one of those boring updates right before WWDC19, where all we get is polishing of the previous version of iOS for the devices that won’t receive the upcoming major update, which is iOS 13 in this case.

We expect iOS 13 to be the biggest update to iOS since its revamp with iOS 7 in 2013. Features like dark mode have already leaked and even the redesigned reminders app has appeared.

Tune in for our WWDC19 coverage on the 1st of June, where you’ll get much more exciting updates. In the meantime, if you want to install this developer beta, you can follow our guide. While it’s for a different version of iOS, the steps are all the same.