Concept Envisions iPhone 11 without the Ugly Camera Bump We All Hate

Leaked renders have already given us a look at how the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max will look like. From a design viewpoint, they are not really going to stand out, with the camera bump at the rear actually increasing in width due to the introduction of a third new ultra-wide angle lens.

It is understandable that due to physical limitations, Apple has to include a camera bump on its iPhones. But what if the 2019 iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max shipped without a camera bump? How would the triple camera setup then look like?

As envisioned by @PhoneDesigner in a couple of concept photos, pretty darn beautiful. Look at the concept photos below in which the iPhone 11 despite feature triple cameras has no hump…

iPhone 11 concept

…and now have a look at one of the leaked renders of how the iPhone 11 Max is actually going to look like.

The difference a lack of a camera hump at the rear makes is kind of crazy. Without the hump, the iPhone 11 in the concept has a very clean and modern looking design.

Now, granted the final iPhone 11 is definitely going to look much better than how it looks like in the renders. But even then, the concept photos definitely make us wish that Apple got around to releasing iPhones without a camera hump.

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Apple could use smaller camera sensors to completely eliminate the camera hump on the iPhone lineup but that would end up having an adverse effect on the image quality. Will you be happy if Apple ended up getting rid of the camera hump on future iPhones at the cost of imaging performance?