Leaked Screenshots Show Dark Mode in iOS 13, New Reminders App

With less than a week to go for Apple to announce iOS 13, the folks over at 9to5Mac have posted some screenshots of OS. The screenshots reveal how Dark Mode in iOS 13 would look like, the new Reminders app, and more.

The screenshots confirm that the iOS 13 Home screen on the iPhone is going to look similar to iOS 12. With the Dark Mode enabled though, the dock background will have a black tint. Apple could possibly also include new system wallpapers in iOS 13 that better match the Dark mode.

Enabling Dark Mode will also lead system apps like Apple Music to switch to a dark theme and it looks pretty stunning. From the screenshot, it looks like it is using a true black background which should be good news for OLED iPhones. That’s because OLED displays don’t need to light up their pixels for displaying black content which in turn should benefit battery life.

The screenshots also reveal a new UI for editing screenshots after they are taken. The background content is blurred to focus on the screenshot with the annotation tools having updated and easier to understand icons.

There is also a screenshot of the new Reminders app on the iPad Pro. The app has two layouts, with sections to quickly access all your tasks, scheduled ones, flagged, and more. The app will also look the same on macOS 10.15 since it is a Marzipan app.

Lastly, the icon for the new ‘Find My’ app has also leaked. This new app will replace the Find My Friends and Find My iPhone apps. It will come with a revamped UI and make it easier to locate your friends and devices linked to your iCloud account.

iOS 13 is easily shaping up to be a major release of the OS with plenty of new features to play around with. Are you looking forward to its release?

[Via 9to5Mac]