The Company Behind TikTok is Reportedly Working on Its Own Smartphone

TikTok has become massively popular in just a short amount of time. Apart from TikTok, the company also has a series of other popular apps with millions of users. Now, the company behind TikTok — ByteDance — is reportedly building its own smartphone. The device would come preloaded with many of ByteDance apps including TikTok and its rumored music streaming service.

As the report from Financial Times says, ByteDance’s CEO Zhang Yiming has “long dreamt” of making a smartphone preloaded with the company’s app.

The report is light on other details and the actual smartphone. However, ByteDance did acquire the patent portfolio of Smartisan earlier this year and also hired some of its employees. It is possible that ByteDance will leverage on that acquisition to build its first smartphone, though back then it claimed that the acquisition was to explore the education business.

The smartphone business has become extremely competitive in recent years. ByteDance would need to ensure that its smartphone offers something unique and it needs on deliver on all key aspects — camera, battery life, performance. Otherwise, the smartphone would likely end up meeting the same fate as those from Facebook and Amazon. If the company simply releases a smartphone with its apps preloaded, it is bound to fail since users can download the same set of apps from Google Play or the iOS App Store and have the same experience.

Despite some regulatory hurdles, TikTok and other apps from ByteDance are extremely popular with millions of users worldwide. If done right, the company’s smartphone can definitely find its own set of users, though that’s not going to be an easy task.

[Via Financial Times]